Sunday, August 30, 2009


AROUND two o'clock, one of those typical, out of the blue, intense rains dropped refreshing
somewhat the oven heat predominant for the last month or so. The type of rain I missed
and dreamed off when living in Nellingen, Northampton and New York. But had a chance to witness in New Orleans. If you look carefully at the Mississippi and look at the cement for
flood control, you will conclude people those people are crazy and arrogant. Katrina is a good way to describe it. Stupidity that is repeated. Why would you rebuilt anything besides that powerful, huge scary river?

I read watched some basketball and took a nap.

Later I went by the SAGRADO CORAZON, to see the results in the ridiculous garden recently installed. I noticed the forty/fifty feet palms seemed more crooked and questioned one
of the friendly security guards on the premises. Its not me, they are crooked. Six of them, besides looking oddly out of place.

Also noticed the top soil and orange mulch in fashion all spread in gutters and sidewalks.
I was suspicious that the use of mulch was not understood. I recently had the chance to hear
one OLD jerk with a stone/rocks nursery stating that mulch is used to FINISH, the garden. In'
other words DECORATION. For that reason if you come to the Asphalt Concrete isle, you will
see tons of it in every possible situation.

Went for a walk, landing at Crispin's. This was a former favorite oasis, to play some percussion. There were
three singers. One elegantly dressed with good voice and demeanor, the other two stunk. This
makes me wonder of how difficult It has to be to play music as a job, with talentless people.

Had a nice conversation with Gilberto Cruz. This fellow my age was a former American Airlines
pilot from the eighties. Having used heroine or cocaine for some time was caught and fired. With the typical endings in this situation. Lost of property, family and job. By the way he is now
into crack, but with an impressive voice for radio, managing both languages with ease.

Finally, watched tv. Borges, Cortazar and the other one. For the first time in my fifty seven
years I got a chance to watch these fellows that I admired in my younger years. I prefer the
elegance of Borges to the hand me down clothes of Cortazar, big, ugly as a grizzly. The other
one wrote thick, as fun as the Bible, books. Sorry I can not remember his name.

Last words. Literature is mostly about cities, I am sick of it. Cities and existencial anguish what
a fucking trip. The self, the self, and the others. I guess I have my cure: horticulture. Time to go.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


EDWARD NORTON, was the spokeperson in one of those nature programs that leave deep four wheel tracks in one's brain. It is an intense feeling of anger and impotence,
since I have no doubts, the destruction of EARTH will not stop or decrease until there
is no profit left to make out of it, JUST LIKE AN OPEN PIT MINE.

In Ghana, there was/are great worries about pouchers. They go for BUSH MEAT, anything, that moves with hair is fair game. It is not like the other kind of silly poucher hunting for aphrodisiac hairs or ivory. This meat is sold in the market, along
with everything else bought in the premises.

The point was to determine the increase/decrease patterns in the killing. Some scientist speculated the problem was related to the decrease of fish, an important staple in the country. And voila....Putting together the graphs of the fishing/pouching
the answer was evident. When there was not enough fish, the bush meat in the market increased and vice versa.

The reason for no fish? International fisheries ripping of this country and any other
without any kind of humanitarian, intelligent or government control. Who is going to control the irrational fishing by the international community?

In Namibia, some lady of the pale skin persuasion, noticed a smell of rotten eggs, change of the color of the ocean waters not far from her residence. She started a chain of inquiries and research that gave the answer. After some long months the
phenomenon thought of being local, was not, it happened all the way up where one
can see that curve in Africa by Nigeria.

Hydrogen sulfide was accumulating in the bottom of the ocean, creating explosions that
turned into sulphur with the oxygen and methane killing the fish, changing the color of the water. This problem had occured for decades on and off. The culprit? It seems that sardines were controlling the possibilities, eating the phito planctom. However international fishing
companies again, exterminated the sardines. The example given: a billion pounds of
sardines is the equivalent of one hundred billion individuals.

In El Salvador, some idiots with profits in mind, decided to build a dam. These people are the same everywhere scam artists dressed as inversionists, construction
companies with government accomplices. It was a program on the radio. Explained

When a dam is built all the species, crabs, shrimp, fishes that require moving waters, or streams are destroyed. The water accumulated with the vegetation left create methane with descomposition, a lethal gas. All the flora and fauna in huge spaces will disappear along with the residents, cattle ranchers, farmers, and so on...

All with the make believe story of progress. There are still fools destroying the earth
with that idiotic excuse. The inhabitants have no need for the probable electricity that will be sold for profits. There are aeolic, photovoltaic, energy from the ocean alternatives. But AVARICE rules. We see all these examples everywhere..

The best for last. A couple of biologists became interested in reducing the pollution
created by fish farms all over the world. The solution: plant mussels and algae in the
vecinity of these fish farms to control the incredible amount of pollution by this
manufacture companies.

However there was a trick. The owners of this particular company had nothing to do with the scientists project, not a penny, unless profit could be made. The biologists then, after proving the feasibility of the experiment, proved that a hundred thousand
bucks could be made selling the mussels and algae. Then it was alright, and the project went ahead with great success.

In Puerto Rico the ASPHALT CONCRETE isle, life goes on. I continue my
strolls when not training in the thread mill. I created this formula. If I find four or
five trees destroyed or mutilated and asume that five hundred thousand inhabitants
go for strolls finding similar numbers daily. We destroy what? 250,000 trees a week, a month in the urban context, take your pick.

I believe we are screwed up. All I see is isolated philantropic intelligent, good will in one hand and AVARICE with no end, seemingly unstoppable all over the world, not only in the urban context but also in the country side. The environment is not only
the two hundred square meters I garden, but the whole... Time to go.

Friday, August 21, 2009


INTERVIEWER: Now that you are rested why not start with the beginning, how did you meet these foreign scumbags?

INTERVIEWEE: After a brief, futile attempt trying to have my own landscape maintenance enterprise, I landed at the grounds of this park in 877 Road in Trujillo
Alto, working as a volunteer. If willing to confirm: Fundacion LMM/Parque Dona Ines:, or call to request a list of their "1,300" trees! at 787-755-4505
or 787-755-7979, ask for Alberto Areces or Gabriela Ocampo.

Inwer: Then what?

Inwee: After a month or so, I started working, along with Luis, Juan Nazario, David
Abad of Dominican Republic, and Adolfo Gutierrez their faith full lap dog informer. I became aware slowly of the scam. First, the illogical destruction of vegetation in the whole area. Later, it was the claim from the mastermind AAM, that Gabriela Ocampo, the Olmec princes, was an "agronomist".

Inwer: Any evidence?

Inwee: Miss Ocampo as a foreigner, not only did not have a degree in that field, but
even if she did, she was not a member of the College of Agronomists of Puerto Rico
at the time she was signing documents as such. This is fraud and illegal according
to the law.

Inwer: Any other hints?

Intwee: Sure. The princess, ugly as them aboriginals can be, used to walk as some do. With some uneasiness, as if she had diarrhea, always jumpy and stiff. What really
gave her unusual stupidity was pruning excessively, prematurely every possible tree, before they had reached a year of growth.

When you prune/trim anything what you get is a heavy top, having destroyed the natural architecture. In consequence, any tree in their stupid nursery had tutors.
Unfortunately, dear readers in far away lands, when the architecture is destroyed, that is that, when you take the tutors off, the tree will bend, to the ground. I have
some pictures waiting for a publisher, of her activities. One is really wonderful since
it shows a few Coccoloba uviferas all wrapped in fabric from top to bottom against a
stick in a futile attempt to keep straight a tree that by nature is not, also plenty
of Bucera Busaris.

Intwer: Have you left anything out? I am getting tired.

Inwee: Could you please stick to the plan? Bare up. Sure. I never saw any activity
regarding soil analysis, a MUST, in any forest restoration, before any other step. Since there was no soil analysis, they had an unpleasant surprise. The whole area
is of a type define as CALICHE, a thin rocky top soil with impermeable B/C horizon.

Intwer: What the hell is that goddamn you?

Intwee: Do not rush your horses. Caliche is like a rock that can be dug, but does not
allow water to filter as it should. It takes a l o n g while to drain by gravity. In consequence when a hole was dug and it rained, the four feet in diameter, and three depth got full and it took ten, fifteen days to empty.

An anecdote witnessed by David Abad and told to yours truly. With the hole full of water, the imbeciles, heroes of our story of fraud, started filling it with their secret
soil mix. After they filled it they realized that it was like whipped eggs, nothing could
be planted, thanks to the water in the hole.. The workers had to empty it and start again. Every tree planted in Parque Donha Ines will have great difficulties to develop a healthy root system. And will certainly fly away with any strong wind in the hurricane season.

Intwer: I am worn out. Could we continue later? Any good relevant stuff that could
put them in jail, with the right political/judiciary atmosphere?

Intwee: Remember, ARECES MALLEA, also known as AVECES MAREA, for his
ability to use two hundred words instead of ten, is a Phd. Therefore, he should have
read, THE ONCE AND FUTURE FOREST, by Leslie Jones Sauer, Andropogon Associates, Ltd. He should have performed an INVENTORY OF FLORA AND FAUNA, not only in the twelve destroyed acres but in the stream receiving the eroded
top soils for almost two years in the Luis Munhoz Marin Foundation and their neighbors the Bosque Real Housing project.

As a token of this post, almost finished, check the picture at right, the compost area
of the Parque Donha Ines, all that acid water running down in the puddle landed
in the mentioned stream.


INTERVIEWER: Why do you write in this virtual space, the numbers indicate that perhaps should be closed permanently.

INTERVIEWEE: What is it to you? I thought we are going to discuss those fraudulent subjects in the tittle, are we not?

Inwer: True. Tell us who is the first one, and keep it up, our readers may not like
this structure.

Inwee: Perhaps. Maybe they really get into enjoying it since not many bloguers
use it. Getting on track. AAM or the one in the tittle is a Cuban, expelled from that
strange country for whatever reason. Got more tittles than the Duchess of Alba, from
Belgium and Germany if not mistaken, plus one from my alma mater, New York Botanical Garden. Apparently with all his research ( rare endemic cacti in necks of
woods of a couple of places, including a couple with his OWN name) could not get
a serious job in a serious competitive institution.

Inwer: What is the implication, 'not a serious job'?

Inwee: In the world of ACADEMICS, when one is good in the chosen field, really good, one does not land a job as a 'park director' without a fucking idea of what
he, and his aboriginal Mexican wife, are/were doing.

Inwer: Meaning what? Could you share some experiences that could be proved in a
Court of Law? In other words this is not personal, because they are jerks and you do
not like them or the PDI/FLMM?

Inwee: When one goes to the effort I have demonstrated, there is no room for dislikes in that sense. Check this out. These fools stole my rooting hormones from
my working area, to propagate some shitty endemic shit they had stolen from some
dry, desert like town. When I became aware they were my own, and questioned them about the origin
of the hormones the Cuban responded: Oh these are some old hormones we got from New York.

The sad thing was that the fellow had never propagated anything in his life. It was hilarious to watch him sticking the stems in water, then in the hormones, something
not necessary. Neither did the fool make the hole before sticking the stem in the

Imagine it. A couple making aroung $100.000 a month, stealing from an eight bucks
an hour employee, a jar with a cost of eight bucks. But that is only one. Another actions deserve telling. For example the consequences of leaving the twelve acres bare of any vegetation, that was not recycled or mulched, believe it or not.

Inwer: But excuse moi, in an interview, is it customary to wait for a question or in
Puerto Rico it is different?

Inwee: My apologies and thank you for the interruption in this way I can take a breath. Actually, I am going for a walk and will return in half an hour. Good bye.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


IF YOU ARE one of my consequent and loyal fans, you will probably holler: endemismotrasnochado, upinthebreadfruittree or anglospano review. Just like the oil 3 in 1. That is what I suspected.

out of any ego trip or similar expectations. It is just that most blogs in the PR
scene depending on the two schools of style and discourse are lame, lacking original
views or wacko ones if I may. It is the same repetitious lame, I reiterate, usage of the language without much vision, real humor or an elementary level of wittyness.

By writing what is in the tittle, hoping to see my work in the internet pages I was happily surprised.... there...there was nothing...HOWEVER, I am glad, really. GIL THE GENIUS, from CABO ROJO, with love and a like Maugham, with a doubledge sharp ENGLISH style that I enjoyed the hell out of. Check the post on something related about a knife and those
puertoricans that migrated, mostly illiterate and have tons of self hatred for many
reasons. This is evidence that in these boring shores some are creative with the language, it does not matter which.

I have never written about our national blog scene in depth, nor that I will, since it
really stinks. Some blogs have become shoppers, others beg for money, the pretenders
of the fatherland display the flag prominently even if they stink, so you can see them/read/look at the pictures with some pity. Too many pretend to be newspapers repeating what one finds in PAPER, as if they could present it better,
without a little spark. And some are BETTER written, with better pictures........but they have nothing to say/write since they suffer from
myopic difficulties, are blind or with blindfolds.

At any rate, this will be my shorter post considering the subject. I had great pleasure findind this well written blog, even if the thematic scheme
is not of my liking. What I read I enjoyed and invite those readers in the far away
continents to check 'The Best Blog in Puerto Rico' by Gil the Genius. Go to search
with that, you'll find it. YOU may enjoy it. I wish some of the puertorican fools in the blog scene would have told me it exists. Suggestion, if you see a blog of your liking in the future share it. As Gil the Genius ends his postings...The Other Genius
has written. Time to go.