Friday, June 5, 2009


LIFE was going smoothly as a matter of writing. However, it could not last.
The stalker from GRAMAS LINDAS, alleged 'agronomist' you could check
my review on this
ENVIRONMENTAL CRIMINAL, on endemismotrasnochado,
16 April 2009, dropped by to leave one of his unsolicited opinions. One that is repeated. What have I done, is the question.

I believe I wrote in the past about the issue with the following argument; films, restaaurant, architecture, literature critics, make criticism. That is what they do. NO ONE has to direct movies, design buildings or write novels, or cook to express educated opinions on each of these subjects. What is it difficult to understand about

Check his concern from his unwelcome visit. The town, appearing in the post, is wrong! Who really cares if not many people in the isle of asphalt-concrete read
this poorly written blog. Another of his concerns.

Now this entrepeneur, making a bundle, if his alleged claims are correct, is also
critical of my abrasive, blunt, manner of writing. This also includes my manners.
To such a point that I, the little maggot, have become the point of reference to write
about the environment or anything that comes to his pathetic mind and likewise
blog. This masterpiece flows once a month, reactionary, productive as the soil in Haiti or Death Valley. Imaginative, sharp as a dull rusty knife. Always based on the ideas, concepts,
views appearing here once in a while.

Imagine if you had to live with that. An agronomist that should be planting boniato,
planting GRASS AND PALMS, stealing money from the lay person, destroying our environment directly, our resources, with irrigation, oil, gas, and selling TURF/PALMS to ignorant fools, just
like cigarette companies make their huge profits without losing any sleep.

Gonzalez Bauza, scum, stick to making money, its your decission. Please go away.
Drop dead. OR create a FOUNDATION. The endemismotrasnochado foundation. Fight for a fair treatment of the environment, habitats, and ecology. YOU are a pharisee, prostitute making money through out your operations, destroying it daily, aiding and deceit.

Pretend endemismo does not exist. YOU are an environmental CRIMINAL. All
those landscaping companies with your colleagues installing shitty landscapes such as Caribe Landscaping Contractors created in your image, feathers of the same bird.

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  1. Por que no todo el pais es altiplano, y no vivo en el altiplano. Y si hay muchas fotos es cuestion de buscar.

  2. q miedo, so you are a true critique. None of the critics in the newspaper do or have done things in which they write of. Perhaps you could find a gig in the media. Try El Vocero. Making a bundle, planting palms and grass? I do not work with that type of operations at the moment, but Im flattered that you spend time thinking of all the things someone actually does. Take care, keep on going nuts. Ahi te dejo

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