Saturday, June 13, 2009


DURING the nineties, in NYC, there was an uproar among NY citizens whose
parents were from Puerto Rico, second, third generation speaking mostly
some sort of English and very interested in voting in a referendum to determine if this banana republic without bananas or the republic, a territory of USA, should be a state or republic or what it is, a colony with
a perfumed name: commonwealth.

Here for your pleasure? The whole article/test. It was mailed to CHEO
DIAZ, a disc jockey with the best salsa music in WKCR, a college station
in NYC. Mr. Diaz is also a judge in that state. Here it goes..

To avoid the constant confusion among Puertorican islanders and those
who were raised or born in this culture, we have designed this superficial
test, to help you become aware if you really are, or just grew up thinking you were Puertorican, without really being.

1. Name two groups of local indians who used to hang out in the island
rivers and went surfing with their waterproof walkman.

2. Mention any of the crops they cultivated

3. Name at least three entrees of their daily menu.

4. Write at least five words of their vocabulary still in use.

5. Explain what a 'ceremonial park' was and some of its uses.

6. Who was the first european to arrive and surprised the indians
listening to the blues?

7. Who was the first governor? The first european murdered?

8. Name the kings of Spain and their provinces of origin then.

9. Mention at least two of the plants and trees introduced by the

10. What were the names of the three ships used by Columbus?

11. Name the war making this island a backyard farm or territory
of USA. Feel free to elaborate.

12. Name the town used by the troops to disembark.

13. What was the main crop of export during the stay by Spain and
what took its place under USA?

14. When and why were Puertoricans made USA citizens?

15. Which one arrived first to that batatarian isle: Burger King or
Mickey Dee? Name the city where this trascendental event in the diet
of the local islanders took place.

16. Name the first Puertorican governor.

17. Explain carefully the procedure to elaborate any of the following:
alcapurria, pasteles, sorullo, gandinga or mondongo.

18. The first soul brothers, when were they introduced to the island?
Name their contributions to the diet, music and dance.

19. When did Puerto Rico become a commonwealth?

20. Name the first governor under this era.

21. Name the most famous Puertorican astrologer/vedette. Bonus

This questions are part of the curriculum and text books in all schools
in Puerto Rico, USA. Therefore is common knowledge that everyone
sees since the first grade, until graduation from high school.

In the same manner foreigners who desire to become U.S. citizens, have
to pass a test, descendants from original Puertorican islanders with the
urge to take part in this referendum or in future, to determine the final
status of the territory, should be able to prove acquaintanceship with Puertorican issues and facts.

This test has a value of 100 points. To pass and vote you need above 60.

Note: If you are not from Puerto Rico, anyone can participate, you will become an honorary citizen. Send your response. Thanks for your interest.


  1. Hogwash. A native from Bayamon, or elsewhere on the Island of Enchantment, couldn't answer most of these questions.

  2. Maybe, with 69 readers? You mean the Isle of Concreteasphalt, fool?