Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I ARRIVED, to Northampton, MA in the summer of 1977, lover immigrant with Linda Barnes a Smith College graduate with great pedigree, from Wellesley, a distinguished vicinity. We met at some Spanish Golden Century Literature course in the University of Puerco Rico.

I can not pin point the date of meeting Ms. Brown, now married. Coincidentally, before her, I met Ms. Carol Delisle, a single mother from the same town, Williamsburg. But now that I think of it, it most have been in Hugo' s a bar in the outskirts of Northampton, I still remember that night when our eyes met. It was either summer or fall of 1980. Nothing happened on that night, but the spark. Do not worry it will not be a sappy love story....

She lives in Greenfield a frontier city with Vermont, beautiful, picturesque, with her fortunate husband. But I am certain that her huge blue eyes, matching her not so New Englander calves and butt, a perfect, round, tropical one, enchanted moi. That and her brains, in addition to her family, mother, sisters, brothers, but not so much her dad.

but rather handsome and
in good demand by the
ladies, being
a tall, bright
The Pioneer Valley

HI Honey,

I just got home-5:00 about the same time you arrived in San Juan. I feel very lonely just knowing you wont be here for a while. I love you Toby's car is fine- the woman shouldn't have
been passing on the right. Write soon
write soon

PS I'm sad


Hi Raul,
It is snowing and cold and I miss your company very much. I'm working out a lot
and still not drinking coke! My sugar intake is still quite high write to me very soon!
love + kisses
Hi hon,
Just got back from Ptown with Jack, Sara, + ma. All say Hi, Jack says after supper mother
fucker...haja bilingual laugh...I loved my birthday card. We had two good sunny days
on. Roger and Ruthy will go to Maine on Saturday, love,

I will continue this story later. There are perhaps forty postcards from Ms. Brown, and Jennifer Brown, the tall, nice butt, ugly toes from Rochester who along Michal somewhat captured my memories from those far away charming times in the Pioneer Valley, Northampton.
To be continued....

Thursday, November 19, 2009


THIS Jane Madden is not that other one on internet, just in case. She was certainly weird in a hollistic, witch way, with too many lesbian friends. Which reminds me.
In those years in Northampton, LESBIAN CAPITAL in the northeast USA, there was a friendly lesbian into Don Juanismo, or into
picking them girls left and right as a Casanova. When I brought my observation to miss
Jane, she told me that if I mention it, I would probably be burned at the pyre?


EARL created a woodshop space in that building and get money off my rent for whatever labor I do on my apartment and the rest of the space- She is easy to negotiate with and we get along great- I am really attracted to Pearl's Harbor too-
the apart
ment is small, low ceilings, a little "munchkin-y" but bigger than any other
space I could get for the money and the woodshop space in the same building is a real plus- she is already told antique dealers frie
Align Centernds about me and it seems there
will be business- So, I am happy and excited about the future here- Wayne is the only cloud so far- I will just keep my distance and my peace- (as I know your having to
do a great deal of too.)

Joanne will keep my plants here until I come for good and move into Pearl's- You should see the plant we thought we killed moving your stuff- it is beautiful. One cut
off stem has two beautiful new branches. They are healthy, Pearl's has sort of a sandy soil and it is very hot and sunny around the outside of the house. Shade trees are on the side with picnic tables that used to be for the public when the place was
a real roadhouse 30/40 years ago. I hope the seeds you are sending will flourish
there, please give me instructions and I will try to do well by them.

Last night Joanne and I went into Chapel Hill to see and hear Root Boy Slim (I always thought it was "Rude Boy", he is very rude and crude, but funny). The music
was great and for the first time I felt like dancing in public. I think I am making progress on that. Everyone was just kind of dancing in a crowd (like at the Reggae
concerts in "Heartland Reggae") no partners, so I felt comfortable.

When a man grabs me to dance I go stiff with fear, it is so weird, but I am determined to get over it. Root Boy sang his traditional "Boogie till you Puke".
" I am not too old for you, you are 15 and I am 42".. As well as some new material, one on Yuppies, the 64% of Americans who voted for Reagan..So hip, so young,
so lame and one about Nancy Reagan, "I am white, I am rich, I am Republican, great
lyrics and great R&Bs music. I had fun and Joanne had not been allowed out since
December so she was happy too.

I do not know what got into Wayne he said he did babysit guilt, if he has any sense
at all. So, I am going to register the car in NC, tomorrow insure my stuff and drop
off the truck. I may leave tomorrow nite or on Tuesday and be at the Cape by Wednesday at the latest. Mom told me today on the phone there is a letter for me from you. Can not wait to read it and see how you are doing. I am thinking of you a lot of course since when I was last there it was with you. Nice memories. I love you
dear one.



Miss Jane has an irritating contraction
vice. A pain in the ass, I got rid of it by the end.
What's the point? What is the point? What is the
saving? What do you save?

Where is the love as in the tittle, the acute
reader may inquire?

At the end
I love you, dear one.
Why the tittle, the picky reader wonders...
It is cool, but I concur this damn letter is too long.
When I remember how much I was into writing letters,
how much I enjoyed them, receiving and writing.
But life is always cruel. Every moder fucker I wrote to
in thirty years, never responded within the parameters
I demanded so communication will flow.
Such is life and time to go.

Other letters, post cards may come...lator

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


WHAT A TRIP! If you got a chance
to read the first part of this wordy letter, with many

expressions, words typical MA, that I have not seeing herd in almost 3 decades. Without any further redue...

EVEN when the car overheated he made it sound like my fault! (Joanne said if I wasn't there it would have been her fault.) He's lousy under stress
-he drove my mother nuts- So she's hip to him now-He was freaking at the tension level in the house because Daddy seemed to be "going" so he picked a fight with Joanne and got really upset- Don't focus on your dying
father! Your spoiled brat husband is more important!

Her milk was affected and Molly is sort of nuts for that reason as well as just picking up on stress and feeling the effects of traveling- Joanne has asked me to try with Wayne because all her friends hate him (!!??) so for
her sake I'm trying-but distance will be the ultimate answer. Today he
watched a ballgame and let me unload the washer, dryer, my trunk, bureaus, ect, alone-he doesn't want to help me ever again and I don't
want him to!

IT was satisfying to get it accomplished alone although there were some hairy moments let me tell you! The washer almost landed on me as I tried
to lower it off the truck- Being pissed and trying to be independent can only carry a 118 lb woman so far-size and strenght become a factor after that- But I did it and feel good about it- Sunny is a good connection (She only deals with Wayne from a distance too-) I know she and I will be friends and also keep each other in business and economics-Eventually
Pearl's Harbor will house a deli too, which she will run-the restaurant can't happen unless she invests thousands in upgrading the septic system and she hasn't got it- So I can help her.

GOD DAMNEDAlign Center
IS IT wordy or what?
Jane Madden was a trip,
nice looking eyes and hair,
great taste for movies.
We saw tons of them, among
the group
perhaps the weirdest-longest
movie in my life!
If I am not mistaken 17
hours long, Believe it or not!
Time to go.

to be continued soon...

Friday, October 9, 2009


I HAVE stated without any possibility of rebuttal, the pathetic situation
in the foundation. Rip offs to the private/public sector paying for the
salaries of these incompetent group of scam artists. There are too MANY employees, and it keeps growing. It is a farm of ipomoeas/batatas.

This inventory has not been updated, since Alberto Areces Mallea and wife
destroyed many trees to make mulch for the hell of it. Particularly to justify the use of a huge wood chipping machine, free of cost provided by the municipality of Trujillo Alto and 007 Recursos Naturales, around 2003/04 and landed in the area of the compost as the picture in the right shows..

The inventory was provided by the librarian in charge, JULIO QUIROS, hard to be confused in the premises. He looks like a manatee or sea lion in growth. All were planted by either,
Luis Munhoz Marin; Ines, his wife or those who worked the farm as it was then. It is worthy of mentioning a Cinnamon tree, planted
by the former swimming pool. Now, converted into a hideous pond with dirty water and algae. It is perhaps, from my knowledge, the only one there is in Puerto Rico until further notice. Mr. Areces never thought of installing an adequate filter. A real shame when one think of it.


Malpighia punifolia
Nerium oleander
Cinnamomum acamphora
Plumeria alba, rubra,
Hymenea courbaril
Terminalia catappa
Hamelia axilaris
Melaleuca leucodendron
Bamboos vulgaris
Casearia sylvestris
Chrysophyllum caimito
Brugmansia suaveolens

Allamanda cathartica
Cinnamomum seylanicum
Swietenia macrophylla
Cedrela odorata
Citrus sinensis
Caryophyllus aromaticus
Stahlia monosperma
Cocos nucifera
Barringtonia asiatica
Congea tomentosa
Pithelobium arboreum
Ixora coccinea
Dillenia indica

Delonix regia
Gardenia jasminoides
Pithelobium dulce
Inga laurina
Cicca disticha
Psidium guajava
Spondias dulcis
Ficus nitida
Citrus limonia
Montezuma speciossima
Mammea americana
Citrus nobilis
Mangifera indica
Calophyllum antillanum
Jambos malaccensis
Byrsonima spicata

Chalcas exotica
Roystonea borinquena
Artocarpus communis
Phlebotaenia cowellii
Bolsmkioldia sanguinea
Hibiscus rosa-sinensis
Citharexylum fruticosum
Petrea volubilis

Casuarina equisetifolia
Eugenia jambos
Casearia arborea
Tabebuia glomerata, pallida
Lagerstromia speciosa
Tecoma stans
Cordyline guineensis
Combretum grandiflorum
Tectona grandis
Citrus grandis
Triplaria caracassana
Spathodea campanulata
Didymopanax morotoni
Canangium odoratum

I have set a trend again. This collection of plants, bushes, trees
and groundcovers has some historical significance from any perspective.
No ONE has given it any meaning. It was mostly destroyed by the board of directors of the FLMM, MELO, the daughter, indiference and out of the common IGNORANCE and COMPLACENCY. Hurricanes did their part also. However, in my not so humble opinion ALBERTO ARECES MALLEA,
did the most damage, destroying everything that bore fruits or was EXOTIC. Tens of trees were cut down to avoid JUAN NAZARIO, obtain
plaintains, bananas, coconuts, oranges, lemons to share with his pals.

This scum of the earth Mr. A. A. Mallea, forgets that birds and other
fauna also benefited from these vegetation. He is still there in PARQUE DONHA INES, after seven
years, after destroying not only the essence of the LUIS MUNHOZ botanical legacy, but having done much worse, in twelve acres of land of all vegetation, destroying every flora and fauna without soil analysis and
the logical, mandatory inventory of species.

I hope that this inventory keeps things in perspective for those jerks who are still the jackasses taken to the river, refusing to drink. At least in the batatarian isle of Puerto Rico, USA.

You may contact the culprits
flmm@coqui.net or by phone 787-755-4505

Not all the blame/guilt shall fall on the foreigners,
Areces Mallea and Gabriela Ocampo
Puerto Ricans without credentials
criteria and vision allowed this irrational
destruction of our patrimony

Time to go......until next...There are more items, much more in the inventory for a next time.

Sunday, August 30, 2009


AROUND two o'clock, one of those typical, out of the blue, intense rains dropped refreshing
somewhat the oven heat predominant for the last month or so. The type of rain I missed
and dreamed off when living in Nellingen, Northampton and New York. But had a chance to witness in New Orleans. If you look carefully at the Mississippi and look at the cement for
flood control, you will conclude people those people are crazy and arrogant. Katrina is a good way to describe it. Stupidity that is repeated. Why would you rebuilt anything besides that powerful, huge scary river?

I read watched some basketball and took a nap.

Later I went by the SAGRADO CORAZON, to see the results in the ridiculous garden recently installed. I noticed the forty/fifty feet palms seemed more crooked and questioned one
of the friendly security guards on the premises. Its not me, they are crooked. Six of them, besides looking oddly out of place.

Also noticed the top soil and orange mulch in fashion all spread in gutters and sidewalks.
I was suspicious that the use of mulch was not understood. I recently had the chance to hear
one OLD jerk with a stone/rocks nursery stating that mulch is used to FINISH, the garden. In'
other words DECORATION. For that reason if you come to the Asphalt Concrete isle, you will
see tons of it in every possible situation.

Went for a walk, landing at Crispin's. This was a former favorite oasis, to play some percussion. There were
three singers. One elegantly dressed with good voice and demeanor, the other two stunk. This
makes me wonder of how difficult It has to be to play music as a job, with talentless people.

Had a nice conversation with Gilberto Cruz. This fellow my age was a former American Airlines
pilot from the eighties. Having used heroine or cocaine for some time was caught and fired. With the typical endings in this situation. Lost of property, family and job. By the way he is now
into crack, but with an impressive voice for radio, managing both languages with ease.

Finally, watched tv. Borges, Cortazar and the other one. For the first time in my fifty seven
years I got a chance to watch these fellows that I admired in my younger years. I prefer the
elegance of Borges to the hand me down clothes of Cortazar, big, ugly as a grizzly. The other
one wrote thick, as fun as the Bible, books. Sorry I can not remember his name.

Last words. Literature is mostly about cities, I am sick of it. Cities and existencial anguish what
a fucking trip. The self, the self, and the others. I guess I have my cure: horticulture. Time to go.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


EDWARD NORTON, was the spokeperson in one of those nature programs that leave deep four wheel tracks in one's brain. It is an intense feeling of anger and impotence,
since I have no doubts, the destruction of EARTH will not stop or decrease until there
is no profit left to make out of it, JUST LIKE AN OPEN PIT MINE.

In Ghana, there was/are great worries about pouchers. They go for BUSH MEAT, anything, that moves with hair is fair game. It is not like the other kind of silly poucher hunting for aphrodisiac hairs or ivory. This meat is sold in the market, along
with everything else bought in the premises.

The point was to determine the increase/decrease patterns in the killing. Some scientist speculated the problem was related to the decrease of fish, an important staple in the country. And voila....Putting together the graphs of the fishing/pouching
the answer was evident. When there was not enough fish, the bush meat in the market increased and vice versa.

The reason for no fish? International fisheries ripping of this country and any other
without any kind of humanitarian, intelligent or government control. Who is going to control the irrational fishing by the international community?

In Namibia, some lady of the pale skin persuasion, noticed a smell of rotten eggs, change of the color of the ocean waters not far from her residence. She started a chain of inquiries and research that gave the answer. After some long months the
phenomenon thought of being local, was not, it happened all the way up where one
can see that curve in Africa by Nigeria.

Hydrogen sulfide was accumulating in the bottom of the ocean, creating explosions that
turned into sulphur with the oxygen and methane killing the fish, changing the color of the water. This problem had occured for decades on and off. The culprit? It seems that sardines were controlling the possibilities, eating the phito planctom. However international fishing
companies again, exterminated the sardines. The example given: a billion pounds of
sardines is the equivalent of one hundred billion individuals.

In El Salvador, some idiots with profits in mind, decided to build a dam. These people are the same everywhere scam artists dressed as inversionists, construction
companies with government accomplices. It was a program on the radio. Explained

When a dam is built all the species, crabs, shrimp, fishes that require moving waters, or streams are destroyed. The water accumulated with the vegetation left create methane with descomposition, a lethal gas. All the flora and fauna in huge spaces will disappear along with the residents, cattle ranchers, farmers, and so on...

All with the make believe story of progress. There are still fools destroying the earth
with that idiotic excuse. The inhabitants have no need for the probable electricity that will be sold for profits. There are aeolic, photovoltaic, energy from the ocean alternatives. But AVARICE rules. We see all these examples everywhere..

The best for last. A couple of biologists became interested in reducing the pollution
created by fish farms all over the world. The solution: plant mussels and algae in the
vecinity of these fish farms to control the incredible amount of pollution by this
manufacture companies.

However there was a trick. The owners of this particular company had nothing to do with the scientists project, not a penny, unless profit could be made. The biologists then, after proving the feasibility of the experiment, proved that a hundred thousand
bucks could be made selling the mussels and algae. Then it was alright, and the project went ahead with great success.

In Puerto Rico the ASPHALT CONCRETE isle, life goes on. I continue my
strolls when not training in the thread mill. I created this formula. If I find four or
five trees destroyed or mutilated and asume that five hundred thousand inhabitants
go for strolls finding similar numbers daily. We destroy what? 250,000 trees a week, a month in the urban context, take your pick.

I believe we are screwed up. All I see is isolated philantropic intelligent, good will in one hand and AVARICE with no end, seemingly unstoppable all over the world, not only in the urban context but also in the country side. The environment is not only
the two hundred square meters I garden, but the whole... Time to go.

Friday, August 21, 2009


INTERVIEWER: Now that you are rested why not start with the beginning, how did you meet these foreign scumbags?

INTERVIEWEE: After a brief, futile attempt trying to have my own landscape maintenance enterprise, I landed at the grounds of this park in 877 Road in Trujillo
Alto, working as a volunteer. If willing to confirm: Fundacion LMM/Parque Dona Ines: flmm@coqui.net, or call to request a list of their "1,300" trees! at 787-755-4505
or 787-755-7979, ask for Alberto Areces or Gabriela Ocampo.

Inwer: Then what?

Inwee: After a month or so, I started working, along with Luis, Juan Nazario, David
Abad of Dominican Republic, and Adolfo Gutierrez their faith full lap dog informer. I became aware slowly of the scam. First, the illogical destruction of vegetation in the whole area. Later, it was the claim from the mastermind AAM, that Gabriela Ocampo, the Olmec princes, was an "agronomist".

Inwer: Any evidence?

Inwee: Miss Ocampo as a foreigner, not only did not have a degree in that field, but
even if she did, she was not a member of the College of Agronomists of Puerto Rico
at the time she was signing documents as such. This is fraud and illegal according
to the law.

Inwer: Any other hints?

Intwee: Sure. The princess, ugly as them aboriginals can be, used to walk as some do. With some uneasiness, as if she had diarrhea, always jumpy and stiff. What really
gave her unusual stupidity was pruning excessively, prematurely every possible tree, before they had reached a year of growth.

When you prune/trim anything what you get is a heavy top, having destroyed the natural architecture. In consequence, any tree in their stupid nursery had tutors.
Unfortunately, dear readers in far away lands, when the architecture is destroyed, that is that, when you take the tutors off, the tree will bend, to the ground. I have
some pictures waiting for a publisher, of her activities. One is really wonderful since
it shows a few Coccoloba uviferas all wrapped in fabric from top to bottom against a
stick in a futile attempt to keep straight a tree that by nature is not, also plenty
of Bucera Busaris.

Intwer: Have you left anything out? I am getting tired.

Inwee: Could you please stick to the plan? Bare up. Sure. I never saw any activity
regarding soil analysis, a MUST, in any forest restoration, before any other step. Since there was no soil analysis, they had an unpleasant surprise. The whole area
is of a type define as CALICHE, a thin rocky top soil with impermeable B/C horizon.

Intwer: What the hell is that goddamn you?

Intwee: Do not rush your horses. Caliche is like a rock that can be dug, but does not
allow water to filter as it should. It takes a l o n g while to drain by gravity. In consequence when a hole was dug and it rained, the four feet in diameter, and three depth got full and it took ten, fifteen days to empty.

An anecdote witnessed by David Abad and told to yours truly. With the hole full of water, the imbeciles, heroes of our story of fraud, started filling it with their secret
soil mix. After they filled it they realized that it was like whipped eggs, nothing could
be planted, thanks to the water in the hole.. The workers had to empty it and start again. Every tree planted in Parque Donha Ines will have great difficulties to develop a healthy root system. And will certainly fly away with any strong wind in the hurricane season.

Intwer: I am worn out. Could we continue later? Any good relevant stuff that could
put them in jail, with the right political/judiciary atmosphere?

Intwee: Remember, ARECES MALLEA, also known as AVECES MAREA, for his
ability to use two hundred words instead of ten, is a Phd. Therefore, he should have
read, THE ONCE AND FUTURE FOREST, by Leslie Jones Sauer, Andropogon Associates, Ltd. He should have performed an INVENTORY OF FLORA AND FAUNA, not only in the twelve destroyed acres but in the stream receiving the eroded
top soils for almost two years in the Luis Munhoz Marin Foundation and their neighbors the Bosque Real Housing project.

As a token of this post, almost finished, check the picture at right, the compost area
of the Parque Donha Ines, all that acid water running down in the puddle landed
in the mentioned stream.